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If you are interested in viewing any of our nursery facilities and to ensure our full attention and sufficient time available to deal with all questions/queries please call the individual branch to make an appointment. You will require some form of identification for security reasons.

  • When registering your child a non-refundable registration fee of £30 is applicable.
  • Four weeks free childcare (registered sessions only) will be given if more than one child per family attends the nursery.
  • All prices are inclusive of meals, snacks and fluids
  • No charge is made for Bank Holidays (the nursery closes on all Bank Holidays)
  • Sessions are available at each branch over the Christmas period (Excluding Bank Holidays)

Fee Structure – Cherub Nurseries Beverley

Session feesStartFinishHours0 to 2 age group2 to 3 age group3 to 5 age group
Morning 7:00am 12:00pm 5 £26.00 £25.50 £23.00
Afternoon 12:30pm 18:00pm 5.5 £27.00 £26.50 £24.00
Short Day 8:00am 16:00pm 8 £36.00 £34.00 £31.00
Full day 7:00am 6:00pm 11 £40.00 £36.00 £35.00
InclusiveAged 0 to 2Aged 2 to 3Aged 3 to 5
Breakfast Included Included Included
Lunch – excl. am and pm session Included Included Included
Snack Included Included Included
  • Any extra hours will be charged at £7.50 per hour payable to the nursery office
  • Nursery fees are payable in advance.

Fee Structure – Cherub Nurseries Leads Rd and Anlaby




0-5 Years Full Week £170.00
Full Day £36.00
Morning Session £23.00
Afternoon Session £22.50


Opening hours - Monday to Friday, all year except for Public and Bank Holidays.

-               Open from 7.00am to 6.00pm

-               Full week is five full days

-               Full day is 7.00am to 6.00pm

-               Session is 7.00am to 1pm or 1pm to 6.00pm

FEES ARE FULLY INCLUSIVE OF ALL MEALS AND BABY MILKS                                              

Payment terms

Fees are payable monthly in advance on the first day of the month to which fees relate by standing order or childcare vouchers. Direct Debits / Standing Orders are calculated as your weekly fees multiplied by 52 divided by 12. Some parents will receive third party funding. Evidence of this and arrangements for payment must be agreed with the nursery manager before a child can start at nursery. No deductions are made in respect of public and bank holidays, sickness or holidays.

Fees are calculated on a 52 week basis divided by 12 months. A nursery place may be forfeited in the event of unpaid fees until full payment is received, then re-instated subject to availability.

The sessions booked on registration are a permanent booking and one month’s notice should be given for any reduction in this contract. Extra sessions required on an ad-hoc basis will be subject to availability and cannot be swapped to another day.

Upon completing, signing and returning the Registration Form to the Nursery, a non-refundable registration fee of £30.00 will be required. This will only be refunded if we are unable to offer the sessions you require. Nursery fees are fully inclusive and are subject to an annual fee review. One month’s notice will be given to parents/carers of any change to the fees. Should you wish to cancel your agreement with nursery, one calendar month’s written notice is required from you. A late collection charge of £10.00 after 6.15pm and £5.00 for every 5 minutes thereafter will be applied for late collections unless there are exceptional or emergency circumstances. Additional terms and conditions will apply to bookings for children who qualify for Nursery Education Funding, (NEF). These will be made available as soon as the child becomes eligible.

Cherub Personal Reference Scheme

To help us attract new customers, Cherub Nurseries are introducing an exciting new Personal Reference Scheme.

If you recommend someone to the nursery, they receive a discount for 4 weeks, then you receive a discount for a further 4 weeks, so everyone benefits!

How the scheme works.

Payments start as soon as the person you recommend comes to the nursery. It has to be a new customer who has not been at a Cherub nursery within the last year.

Brothers and sisters of children attending the nursery are not eligible because they can already get a discount.


  1. First, we add up all of your fees for the week.
  2. Then we add up all the fees for the person you referred.
  3. The discount is 5% of the lower of these two figures.

When do I get the discount?

For the first 4 weeks, the discount goes to the parent of the new child.

For the next 4 weeks, you get the discount for making the referral.


Let’s say you have a child aged 3 attending five long mornings a week and you introduce a 1 year old who attends for a short day four days a week.

Let’s do the calculation.

  1. Your fee = £21 × 5 = £105
  2. Fee for new 1 year old = £30 × 4 = £120
  3. The lower figure is £105, so the discount is £5.25 for eight weeks. That is £21 just for passing on a name!

The parent of the new 1 year old would get a £5.25 discount for the first 4 weeks, and you would get the same £5.25 discount for the four weeks after that.