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Meal times

At Cherub nurseries we pride ourselves on offering children a wide variety of healthy food from different cultures. We are proud to support our local butcher and greengrocer who all deliver fresh ingredients every week for your child to enjoy.

We make meal times a social and fun, changing our menus and celebrating events, giving your child the opportunity to taste and discover foods from around the world. Our Staff are committed to educating your child about food and encouraging them to eat healthy whilst still enjoying meal times.

We have 3 dedicated and professional Nursery Chef who is fully trained and has allergy awareness. We provide healthy, nutritious food for all our children with an emphasis on fresh fruit and vegetables which are available throughout the day. Any special dietary requirements are catered for on an individual basis.

Milk or water is given with breakfast and the main meal at dinner time. Fresh juice is also offered at 4pm snack. We also have installed a drinking fountain which provides fresh water at any time during the day.