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Christmas Opening - all branches will now be open over the Christmas period (excluding Bank holidays and weekends).
Funding is now available for some 2 year old children, please contact the manager of your local branch for further details. All children are entitled to free government funding the term after they turn three y
The children of the toddler room in Beverley have been lovingly taking care of some eggs which have now hatch into chicks.    
Please log onto your local Nurseries facebook pages to see more information about winning yourself a beautiful mothers day hamper with lots of treats and goodies inside.  All you have to do is like our fa
Our Leads Road branch is currently under going internal and external refurbishment. The internal decoration is near to completion and we will undergo external works in the coming weeks.
The children at Cherub Nurseries are busy playing with shaving foam. The texture and appearance of the shaving foam is appealing for the children as they try to cover their toys in the foam and then clear it of
The children at Cherub Nurseries enjoy baking activities and often participate in them under the guidance of their teachers. Recently, it was the turn of cookies. The children had great fun measuring and mixing
A student at Cherub Nurseries is playing on the slide. She has learned to climb the slide on her own and enjoys doing it again and again. Sliding helps children develop their sense of balance and coordination.
One of the students at Cherub Nurseries, Regan, is playing with a sensory toy. The toy has various buttons that play different sounds when they are pushed. The child looks at the toy whenever it emits a sound,
A child is showing off the Easter bonnet hat that he had made himself. It was part of an activity organised at Cherub Nurseries where all the students practised their art skills and showed their creativity. The
Inside the baby room, Lucy is learning to walk and developing her gross motor skills by pulling herself up on the climbing frame. This will help her practise balancing herself. The climbing frame is perfectly s
One of the pre-schoolers is reading the Minnie Beast book to her friends. It is her favourite book and she enjoys reading it time and again. Reading books is a great way of enhancing children's reading and writ
We enjoyed celebrating the Queen's Jubilee by having a party at the Cherub Nurseries Beverley. The children enjoyed jumping around on a big bouncy castle with all their friends, and even the staff had some fun