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Cherub nurseries and pre- schools is the ideal choice if you are looking for excellent quality childcare and Pre-School in the Hull and the East Riding area. Our nursery chain consists of three nurseries which are located in Hull, Beverley and on Anlaby road.

Happy safe and secure

Cherub Nurseries and Pre-school provides a happy, safe and secure environment by ensuring that each child is assigned a key person. The key person’s role is to ensure that every child meets their individual needs, by liaising with the child’s parents to discuss the child’s interests which then can be planned for.

Learning through play

At Cherub nurseries we believe that learning through play is paramount. Cherub nurseries promote learning through play to ensure all children enjoy all aspects of activities which give children a broad range of knowledge and skills that provide the foundations for their future.

Relax, your child is receiving the very best of care

Within the Nursery we have highly qualified staff and an Early Years Teacher who are up to date with current legislation, updated knowledge of The Early Years Foundation Stage and Ofsted requirements which is demonstrated throughout the nurseries practice. We also have CCTV monitors which you are able to access and watch your child play and learn.

Built around the needs of your child

All children are allocated a key worker who will be responsible for your child’s progress file. All children are individually assessed and their key worker will work with yourselves and plan for your child’s next stage of development. We also promote open evenings where parents /carers can come along and have a friendly chat with your child’s key worker to discuss your child’s progress report. Cherub nurseries also hold stay and play sessions throughout the year where families are invited to come and play with their children to become familiar with staff, parents and their child’s peers at nursery.  

Baby Room - for children aged 6 weeks - 1 years

In the soft play the children can have the opportunity to explore their physical development using the equipment provided. The children can practise their balancing, control, coordination and movement skills by climbing on the large soft cubes. They have the chance to play in the ball pool which provides children with opportunity to develop their mathematics knowledge of counting, calculating simple addition and subtraction problems.

Toddler Room - for children aged 1 -2 years

All activities we provide at nursery are well organised and planned to meet the individual needs of the children. The children experience a wide range of activities to enhance their sensory development this allows children to explore and learn and at their own pace. Each of the children have a nursery diary to explain their daily routine and activities which they have enjoyed during their day at Cherub. We work in partnership with parents to offer a homely environment and flexible routine to provide continuity for the child.   

Nursery Room - for children aged 2 -3 years

The 2-3 room is divided into two rooms, the creative room and quiet room this allows the children to have a choice between physical play and rest periods. All activities are at the child’s level to allow them to begin making independent choices. At snack time the children are encouraged to pour their own drinks and choose a healthy snack. Practitioners will carry out a progress check to provide parents/carers with a summary of their child’s development and next steps.

Pre-school Room - for children aged 3 -5 years

The Pre-school children are situated on the ground floor and have three rooms to explore. There is a literacy room with a cosy, quiet corner for reading and meditation.  Story sacks and a puppet theatre are available for imaginative play.  A computer and iPads are available for children who require specialist programmes and differentiation.

The main room has numerous resources for the children to enjoy and learn from. This includes maths, literacy and construction equipment. The third room is a creative area which includes easels, tables for creative work as well as a sand and water tray. All of the rooms are available to the children throughout the day and have sinks to ecourage the children to wash and tidy up for themselves.

Children are encouraged to be independent at meal time, social graces and manners are reinforced and encouraged by the teachers.  Fresh water is available throughout the day from the water machine, snacks of fruit are provided in-between meal times. 

Children have access to the toilets and are encourage to toilet themselves and wash and dry their hands appropriately.

Each child has a key worker who observes and records your child\'s individual progress.  Learning Journeys are used to record their progress throughout their time with us, these are available for the parents on request.

Cherub garden

Cherub has a large outdoor play area where children are able to use their large motor skills by using a wide variety of physical equipment. In our garden there is a large grassed hilly area were the children can run around as we promote the importance for physical exercise to keep healthy. In the mud pit the children can dig for insects and bugs.

Enjoyable nutritious meals and refreshments

All meals and snacks are prepared and cooked daily on the premises from our qualified cook. All dietary and allergy requirements are catered for; we promote a healthy menu towards a 5 a day, and hold The Healthy Heart Beat Award and have done for the past six years. We also hold number 5 for ‘scores on the doors’ which was introduced five years ago by Environmental Health.

Parking and dropping off

We have our own car park with designated parking spaces where you can drop off and pick up your child safe.