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Cherub nurseries and pre- schools is the ideal choice if you are looking for excellent quality childcare and Pre-School in the Hull and the East Riding area. Our nursery chain consists of three nurseries which are located in Sutton, Beverley and on Anlaby road.

Happy safe and secure

Cherub nurseries and pre- schools are well equipped with excellent quality resources.  The nurseries are homely, welcoming atmosphere where your child will be happy, safe and can develop and grow in a secure and nurturing environment. All nurseries are equipped with CCTV and also have an added bonus of a web cam facility.

Learning through play

At cherub nurseries and pre-schools all resources and activities are designed to maximise the opportunities for \'learning through play\'.  Our goal is to encourage and support children of all ages to reach their full potential.  Meeting their needs from a very young age will greatly promote understanding and enjoyment of learning throughout the years to come.

Each day your child\'s activities have been specifically planned and organised to ensure they are appropriate and specific to each age group. Your child will only progress to the next stage when they are ready and when this has been discussed with you, and you are happy with this decision.

We follow an education programme which is called early years foundation stage (EYFS) that ensures your child receives the best possible start on their road to learning in a stimulating and encouraging setting.

Relax, your child is receiving the very best of care.

With our highly qualified staff you can relax, safe in the knowledge that your child is receiving the very best of care.  The nursery provides excellent facilities including a large, enclosed garden area. There are four well equipped, age appropriate rooms which are specifically designed for the different needs of the children.

Built around the needs of your child

Cherub Nurseries and pre-schools is a permanent brick purpose built nursery within the locality of Beverley, and has been designed around the needs of children aged 6 wks - 5 years. It also has two well equipped outdoor areas, one of which is under cover and can be used in all weathers. The nursery also has its own vegetable garden which children are involved with and kept busy when watering and collecting the produce etc. Here in Beverley we also have a six seater pram so the children can go out into the community and learn about the places around them.

Each room within the nursery follows the Early Years Foundation Stage, this ensures continuity for all children at the nursery, and allows practitioners to plan exciting, stimulating and relevant activities for the individual needs of each child.

Baby Room - for children aged 6 weeks - 1 years

The baby room offers quality care in a peaceful, safe, clean and stimulating atmosphere where play and interaction with the nursery team is an important element of communication. A daily red book is kept on each child in our care and information is shared with you and goes home so you can also add information. All toys and activities are age/ stage appropriate and set at the babies level so they can access themselves. The Baby Room has lots of stimulating play equipment and activities – as with all the children in our care, babies are given a lot of attention and care due to our high staffing ratio.

Toddler Room - for children aged 1 -2 years

Our role in the Toddlers\' Room is to ensure children are safe and secure in a bright and happy stimulating environment. Children play together, share and have fun together. Activities offer opportunities for the children to explore and investigate with lots of hands on activities and experiences. All toys and activities are age/ stage appropriate and set at the toddlers level so they can access these themselves.

Nursery Room - for children aged 2 -3 years

In the 2 - 3 room the children have a fun packed routine with lots of educational value. They have lots to choose from: free play, use construction toys, and take part in role-play activities, dressing up, scissors practice, or sand and water play. They also have access to soft play and outside play. Other favourite activities are the messy ones - painting, sticking and gluing, play dough, gloop, shaving foam and lots more.

At 2 we encourage the children to tell us what they have been doing at nursery, so they no longer have daily diaries but a record is still kept on what they have eaten, sleeps etc so this information can be passed on to the parents/ carers.

Pre-school Room - for children aged 3 -5 years

The Pre-school children are situated on the ground floor and have three rooms to explore. There is a literacy room with a cosy, quiet corner for reading and meditation.  Story sacks and a puppet theatre are available for imaginative play.  A computer and iPads are available for children who require specialist programmes and differentiation.

The main room has numerous resources for the children to enjoy and learn from. This includes maths, literacy and construction equipment. The third room is a creative area which includes easels, tables for creative work as well as a sand and water tray. All of the rooms are available to the children throughout the day and have sinks to ecourage the children to wash and tidy up for themselves.

Children are encouraged to be independent at meal time, social graces and manners are reinforced and encouraged by the teachers.  Fresh water is available throughout the day from the water machine, snacks of fruit are provided in-between meal times. 

Children have access to the toilets and are encourage to toilet themselves and wash and dry their hands appropriately.

Each child has a key worker who observes and records your child\'s individual progress.  Learning Journeys are used to record their progress throughout their time with us, these are available for the parents on request.

Cherub garden

The garden offers a safe, exciting, challenging and healthy environment. At Cherub nursery the outdoor environment provides many important learning opportunities the children are able to move freely between the inside and the outside environments, with similar activities being carried out in both areas. Some examples of such activities are, tending to the vegetable patch, developing early writing through chalking and water play, exploring and investigating around the garden looking for bugs etc.

Enjoyable nutritious meals and refreshments

All meals are prepared on site by our cook who is highly qualified and has allergy awareness. The nursery has being awarded the healthy options award. We aim to provide a well-balanced and varied menu for all children. We also provide additional snack during the morning and afternoon, this consists of fresh fruit, breadsticks, carrot and cucumber sticks, tomatoes and rice cakes. (Some vegetables are grown in the nursery\'s own garden!)

Our menu’s are planned on a four week rota and are displayed in the entrance for the parents/ carers to view. Drinks of milk, water and fresh juices are provided with all meals. Also in the rooms we have water dispensers for the older children to have access to, this also encourages self help skills.

Special dietary needs can be catered for on request.

Parking and dropping off

Cherub nursery has a drop off area to the front of the nursery, which is away from the road. We also have facilities for visitors and parents attending the nursery.